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Custom Acrylic Boxes - Picture Frames (4pcs) 1/8" Clear Plexiglass

Image 0 of Custom Acrylic Boxes - Picture Frames (4pcs) 1/8

Custom Acrylic Boxes - Picture Frames (4pcs) 1/8" Clear Plexiglass


Clear Acrylic Display Box, - Picture 5 Side Frame Open on Top or Bottom
Size: 1"H x 18"W x 18"D ( Two Boxes Included ), 1"H x 14"W x 18"D (Two Boxes Included )
Outside Dimension.
Material Thickness : 1/8" Clear Acrylic
with polished edges.

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All Clear Acrylic Boxes are available in custom sizes and colors, Please send us email for more info.

Clear Acrylic display boxes are an exceptional way of displaying and storing products or other items. Constructed of 1/8" thick crystal clear acrylic, this acrylic container is a robust retail display unit. This display box is also suitable for home use such as protecting memorabilia from dust and other annoyances. The large flat base keeps this acrylic box standing stable whether full, empty, or half of both. Its transparency allows store customers to see the items on show through numerous angles. The four acrylic walls on the acrylic box keeps occupying items and products secure inside the box. The clear acrylic box is safe to handle and maneuver due to its polished sides and edges. . With its light weight design, this box can be moved around and repositioned a hundred times over. This clear Acrylic box arrives fully assembled and ready to use at any time. An assortment of products are available to compliment this acrylic container - tray , for example a tiered stand or dump bin. This square acrylic container would look complimentary in a cafe to display the type of snacks available or in a pub as a lost-and-found-box.