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 Acrylic Display Cases, Boxes, Pedestals and Plinths

A range of plexiglass acrylic display cases, boxes, cubes, pedestals and plinths, specifically aimed at the museum, exhibition, and memorabilia industry/market. Don't forget, Pleximart can also manufacture your own custom designs too. Please phone or email us with your details.

Clear Acrylic Display Boxes        Acrylic Box W/ Top Lid            Acrylic Box Shoe Lid

Acrylic Boxes W/ Camlock            Acrylic Boxes W/ Hasp          Acrylic Boxes W/ Removable Lid

Acrylic Ballot Boxes                   Acrylic Boxes W/ Clear Base         Acrylic Boxes W/ Wood Base

Acrylic Boxes W/ White Bases     Acrylic Boxes W/ Black Boxes        Acrylic Display Pedestals


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