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At Pleximart we have been manufacturing and fabricating items in all types of plastic for over 20 years. (Acrylic Boxes, Plexiglass Displays) We work with Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC, PETG and a number of engineering plastics. We cut, rout, shape, fold, form, weld, glue and polish. Please browse this site for information and examples of our work and feel free to contact us.

Pleximart is a USA based manufacture of acrylic display solutions. We supply acrylic - Lexan products and equipment for all of your retail display, exhibition display and point of sale requirements!
We offer a large range of stock items (Clear Acrylic Boxes ) to suit all of your display needs with fast dispatch and delivery times
We have a wide range of products suitable for exhibition displays such as acrylic plexiglass display boxes, pedestals, plinths and podiums which are available in a selection of colours and sizes. Our acrylic suggestion boxes are available in a variety of sizes and ideal for exhibition competitions or as flyer / business card collection boxes.
We produce display boxes for museums and galleries as well as sports memorabilia display cases for all sports including football, rugby, tennis, cricket, motor racing and many more. Our lockable plexi display cases are perfect for craft fairs and trade shows allowing you to securely display your goods.
Our retail display products offer a variety of display solutions - acrylic bridges,risers, platforms, nd stepped display stands are suitable for displaying very small to very large items. Clear Acrylic poster and menu stands to help with your in store promotions and acrylic cubes and boxes in a range of colours and sizes ideal for window displays.
As the manufacturers we are able to offer all of our products at competitive prices with display solutions to fit all budgets. Quantity discounts are stated on all of our products so the more you buy the more you save

Pleximart provide a full acrylic fabrication service. We say Acrylic, but actually the displays that we manufacture can often include a combination of aluminium, brass, wood, Plexiglass acrylic and polycarbonate. It is our ability to manufacture from all three materials that makes us slightly different to most acrylic fabricators.

We have facilities that allow us to Laser CNC Route, cut, heat bend, line bend, flame polish, diamond polish, UV bond, chamfer, drill, glue and weld all manner of rigid sheet plastics. As such, we get involved in a whole array of bespoke fabrication projects.


Clear Acrylic Boxes, Plexiglass Display Cases.

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